About EQuus Insight

Equine Guided Learning for Leadership, Communication, Compassion, and Wisdom

Providing quality educational programs and workshops for Youth, Women, and Corporate Groups

Active Learning for Mind, Body, and Spirit in a spectacular setting that reinforces our connection to Nature.


Tahoe Women's Group 312

The focus is not about riding or horsemanship, and no experience with horses is necessary. All activities are conducted on the ground and are designed to improve life skills, not horse skills. 

   Tahoe Women's Group 280  PICT1801

EQuus Insight  will design a program focusing on your specific organizational or educational goals.

  •                    Leadership
  •                    Life Skills
  •                    Personal Development
  •                    Team Building
  •                    Corporate Development

PICT1109Tahoe Women's Group 291   

“Horses can educate through first hand, subjective, personal experiences — unlike human tutors, teachers, and professors can ever do.”– Charles de Kunffy

One Response to About EQuus Insight

  1. Jonathen charter says:

    This is the most wonderful place!! I have learned more than b I could ever imagine! Melinda u r a wonderful teacher. Thanks for everything.. I miss Rosa!!

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